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Rising Forests Coffee is a premium, soft-bean coffee from the Dominican Republic. This single-origin coffee is characterized by it’s smoothness. Grown exclusively by family farmers working in cooperation with the Earth Sangha, each bean is hand-picked, and sun-dried before being exported to the DC area and then roasted by Beanetics in Annandale, VA.

Rising Forests Coffee is “the most sustainable coffee” you can buy. We directly pay every farmer more than twice the price that he or she would receive in fair-trade agreements. We go beyond just shade grown: all coffee trees are planted with minimal disturbance in small groves within tropical forest. Our farmers use no pesticides or fertilizers to grow their coffee. All profits return to the Tree Bank Hispaniola program to help conserve native forest and alleviate poverty along the Dominican Republic - Haitian border.

We offer two roasts: Medium is very smooth, with mild citrus and fruit notes. Perfect to drink all day long. Dark is bolder, but not bitter, with chocolate flavors. Both roasts are available as whole-bean or ground.

Rising Forests Coffee is for sale at these fine, local retailers: Beanetics Coffee Roasters, Roberta's Natural Foods, Willowsford Farm Market, and England Acres Farm Market.

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Donate to the Tree Bank
Join Tree Bank farmers in conserving native forest. Your donation helps expand not only the coffee program, but also Tree Bank's nursery, farm credit program, forest conservation easements, ecological farming research, and water security.

Why Rising Forests Coffee: Revitalizing Mind and Planet

  • Tastes great: Our coffee has a characteristically smooth flavor of Caribbean coffees. Rising Forests Coffee is never harsh and is full of subtle flavors that can be appreciated as a quick pick-me-up in the morning or as a revitalizing drink throughout the day — hot or cold. For suggestions on how to brew your Rising Forests Coffee see our Brewing Tips page and how set yourself up to brew from whole-bean coffee page.
  • Better than Fair Trade: We pay our farmers an average of $3.36 per pound of green coffee, compared to $1.69 per pound that Fair Trade exchanges would offer them. We also cover the costs of processing and shipping the harvest. All profits from coffee sales then return to support our programs for conserving forest and alleviating poverty in the Dominican Republic/ Haiti border region.
  • Environmentally sustainable: All our coffee is grown in small groves integrated into native forest in a minimally disruptive manner. This is superior to most other shade grown coffees that involve significant cutting of forest understory. Our farmers use no pesticides or fertilizers during any stage in the coffee cultivation.
  • High quality beans: All our coffee goes through a rigorous multi-step selection process. We only do business with farmers who grow coffee under native forest shade without pesticides or fertilizers. Coffee samples from each farm are evaluated for quality, twice, before being sun-dried. After drying, beans are hand-sorted by our farmers who remove damaged or otherwise undesirable beans. The coffee is then sent to a facility that sorts and grades each bean. We only buy the beans that are graded to be of the highest standard.
  • Freshly roasted: We work with Beanetics Coffee here in Annandale, Virginia to ensure that you have the freshest coffee possible. We worked with the roasters to develop two roasts uniquely suited to the character of our coffee. We roast several times a month and use specially sealed coffee bags with one-way valves to ensure that your coffee tastes just as fresh as when it came off the roast.
  • Supports our valuable work: Proceeds from our coffee sales have supported a number of programs ranging from forest conservation easements to a water filter at a local school. Coffee sales ensure that farmers see economic benefit from maintaining stands of threatened tropical forest standing instead of cutting them down to grow rice and beans.

To learn more about the Tree Bank as a whole, visit the Tree Bank Hispaniola page.

Set yourself up to brew from whole-bean coffee.

Read the Rising Forests Brewing Tips.

Native forest canopy on the edge of one of our coffee groves.
  • Native forest canopy on the edge of one of our coffee groves.
    Native forest canopy on the edge of one of our coffee groves.
  • Our coffee groves are small, to leave room for native understory.
    Our coffee groves are small, to leave room for native understory.
  • The beans after being depulped, dried, and cleaned.
    The beans after being depulped, dried, and cleaned.
  • A shipment arrives!
    A shipment arrives!

Native forest canopy on the edge of one of our coffee groves.
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