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In September 2023, we launched the Tree Bank Panama. An effort to conserve and restore threatened tropical flora and fauna while looking for look for practical ways to improve Naso livelihoods. The Naso are one of several indigenous peoples who live in that region.

Pick Up Bays

Earth Sangha staff and interns pulling out plant orders in our pick up bays at the Wild Plant Nursery.

Tree Bank Nursery

Earth Sangha staff Manolo, Cosme, Michaelanne, and Matt at the Tree Bank Nursery in Los Cerezos.

Mason District Park

A new restoration site at Mason District Park. We're starting by removing the invasive species and protecting what native cover currently exists. We'll follow up with multiple habitat refuge plantings.

Tree Planting Tree Bank

Many of our planting sites in the Dominican Republic aren't accessible by truck. Horse to the rescue!

Conservation in Practice.


Founded in 1997, the Earth Sangha is a nonprofit public charity based in the Washington, DC, region. Our mission is ecological restoration as a form of socially engaged Buddhism. Although we work in the spirit of Buddhist practice, our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and our work is secular and science-based.


In the DC area, we operate a volunteer-based program to propagate local native plants, restore native plant communities, and control invasive alien plants. Our Wild Plant Nursery is the region's most comprehensive effort to propagate native plants directly from local forests and meadows.

On the island of Hispaniola, along the Dominican Republic – Haiti border, we operate the Tree Bank Hispaniola, a partnership between the Earth Sangha and the Asociación de Productores de Bosque, Los Cerezos. The Tree Bank propagates local native trees, conserves tropical forest, and promotes sustainable agroecological practices.

The second branch of the Tree Bank program is called Tree Bank Panama. In northwestern Panama, we work with the Naso, one of several indigenous peoples who live in that region. Our goal is to look for practical ways to improve Naso livelihoods while preserving Naso forests and rivers.  

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Wild Plant Nursery Workdays

Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays

9am to 1pm

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Invasives Removal with NVCT in Arlington

Friday, February 23rd

9am to 12pm

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"Big Day" at the Wild Plant Nursery

Sunday, March 10th 

9am to 1pm

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Sunday Morning Botany Club

Sundays from 8am to 9am

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