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Plant Grant Donation Days

Apply here for your Earth Sangha Plant Grant. Plant Grant Awardees are eligible to visit the Wild Plant Nursery for seasonal, one-day Plant Grant Donation Days (Spring, Late-Summer, and Late Fall). We will choose 10 grantees per "Plant Grant Donation Day", with the highest priority given to projects likely to have the greatest ecological benefit. All plants are native to Northern Virginia and grown by us from local-ecotype seed we collect locally, sustainably, and with permission from wild areas. 

On each Plant Grant Donation Day, grantees can pick out plant donations from a pre-selected list of species:

- Public Parks qualify for up to 50 herbaceous pots and 10 woodies per event 

- Community Lands (churches and other faith communities, schools, libraries, HOAs, etc) for up to 25 herbaceous pots and 5 woodies per event


Awardees are not required to purchase any plants to qualify for donations. Awardees may purchase additional plants on top of donated plants at a discounted rate. The list of species available for donation for each Plant Grant Donation Day will be available on the application. There is no limit to the number of times a project can reapply for season donation days.


If you have any questions about the Earth Sangha's Plant Grant program, please email Katherine at

We are not currently accepting applications for the Earth Sangha Plant Grant. 

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