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Earth Sangha's Wild Plant Nursery Species List

Our collection is entirely “local ecotype.” We grow all of our plants from material that we ourselves collect, with permission, from the forests and meadows of the Washington, DC, region. We propagate almost entirely from seed or spore, except for a few species that we propagate vegetatively, from dividing whole-plant rescues or cuttings.

Interested in visiting the Wild Plant Nursery? Click here for directions. Please note that our nursery and office addresses are different. Make sure you are going to our nursery at 6100 Cloud Dr. in Springfield not our office in Fairfax. 

If you're interested in purchasing plants, please note that we're open for plant sales during our weekly nursery workdays: Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays from 9am to Noon. If you have an order larger than 100 plants, please email Matt at mbright@earthsangha.org to let us know you'll be stopping by. If you'd like to make an appointment for another time, please email Matt at mbright@earthsangha.org


The nursery also hosts "Open House & Plant Sale" events every year, in the spring, summer, and fall. You can purchase plants at these events, and get help choosing natives for your home landscape. 


  • Trees, shrubs, and woody vines: Non-member $15  Member $12

  • Herbaceous: Non-member $10  Member $7

Earth Sangha members qualify for discount prices of $3 off per pot. Membership starts at $35 per year. You can become a member at the nursery, or use our Donate page.


Species Guidelines by Habitat: Looking to plant a rain garden or your dry, wooded backyard and aren't sure where to start? Get started by checking out Lisa's Habitat Guidelines below. Lisa created these general guidelines for what herbaceous species can be found in common habitats, because we understand that sorting through our 300+ species list can very daunting. 


Meadow: dry to mesic and sunny

Disturbed Area: sunny, dry, and poor, gravely soil

Woodland Edge: dry to mesic, streamside meadow

Woodland: lightly-shade, dry to mesic

Rain Garden: sunny


For educators: Click here to download our Wild Garden Manual for information on how to plan your native plant garden and our discounted school kits.


The list is current as of November 18, 2019.  

Banner: Early spring canopy over Royal Lake Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. Photo by Chris Bright.