Leaf 7: Cosme Explains the Rain

A leaf from: This Broken Land of Promise: A Chronicle of Conservation in the Hispaniolan Border Country “What’s going on with the rain?” I asked Cosme. “¿Hay agua? Is there water?” Cosme Damián Quezada is one of the Tree Bank’s Directors. He’s a farmer in our project area, a rugged tract of mostly deforested cropland and pasture in the Dominican Republic’s border region, just a few miles from Haiti. I was on the phone with him, back in June 2015, when the Tree Bank Nursery was just packed with tree seedlings. Thousands of them. We had hoped to start planting them two months earlier but a spring drought prevented that. Now we were having trouble with the nursery water supply. It was going to

2017 Spring Plant Sale: Over 2,400 plants!

Wow! The 350 people who attended our Spring Open House & Native Plant Sale on Sunday, May 7th purchased over 2,400 local-ecotype native plants from our Wild Plant Nursery. All of these plants are going to help create real ecological value in home gardens across the DC region. And, for the first time, a member of the Sangha’s board offered to match donations at the plant sale. Ninety-nine people, including 72 new members (Hi guys, welcome!), donated a total of $3,545! With the donation match, we raised a record-breaking $28,477 for local parkland restoration at our Spring Open House & Native Plant Sale!!! But none of this would’ve been possible without the efforts of our dedicated volunteers.

Leaf 6: Update on Forest Credit

A leaf from: This Broken Land of Promise: A Chronicle of Conservation in the Hispaniolan Border Country On Monday, April 24, the annual loans from the Tree Bank’s Crédito Forestal (“Forest Credit”) program were distributed to our partner farmers. This year, we lent 1,025,500 Dominican pesos (about $22,789 dollars) to 35 farmers. The value of this distribution is a record for the program, although the current number of borrowers is not. Crédito Forestal makes modest lines of credit available to qualifying farmers in exchange for conservation easements on forests that they own. To qualify for credit, farmers must be members of our partner association, the Asociación de Productores de Bosque, L

Leaf 5: Ana Lucia Luciano

A leaf from: This Broken Land of Promise: A Chronicle of Conservation in the Hispaniolan Border Country I should have mentioned this earlier. I’m very sorry to have to report that Ana Lucia Luciano passed away during the night of April 2-3. Ana was the mother of Franklin Manuel Pérez, the Tree Bank’s Nursery Assistant. Frankie was able to inter his mother next to his father, Beato Pérez, as he had hoped to do. See Leaf 2. “This Broken Land of Promise” is my attempt to describe and interpret our Tree Bank Hispaniola program. I welcome your comments and questions. Please write me in the comment box below or email me at cbright@earthsangha.org. — Chris Bright © 2017 by the Earth Sangha | All ri

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Banner: Late October in a mixed stand of hickories, oaks, and American beech at Fountainhead Regional Park, on the northern shore of the Occoquan River, in Fairfax County, Virginia. Photo by Chris Bright. 

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