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The Sangha hosts regular meditation sessions, along with discussions about what it means to live in a responsible way. Our meditation sessions are led by Lisa Bright, who has been recognized as a teacher by the Chogye Order of Zen Buddhism, South Korea's main Buddhist monastic order. Although our practice derives loosely from Zen, it is nondenominational.


We sit on Tuesday evenings on the second floor of the Yoga in Daily Life building, in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. The session runs from 7:00 to 9:00. It usually includes two bouts of seated meditation, separated by a brief interval of walking meditation; the Heart Sutra is chanted after the second sitting, and a Dharma discussion concludes the evening. If you have not meditated with us before and would like to attend, please contact Lisa, at


We also host occasional outdoor meditiation sessions. These sittings are mentioned on our Field Schedule and are announced through emails. 

Meditate with Us


Yoga in Daily Life is located at 2402 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301. There is street parking nearby (usually), and a public parking lot across the street.

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If you are new to Buddhism, our Buddhism Reading List may help you get your bearings in the field. 


If you are interested in environmentally engaged Buddhism, you might like to read our essay on Green Buddhism, our Vision Statement, or our position statement on Invasives Control and the First Precept.


The Earth Sangha also has its own version of the Five Most Common Precepts.


In our formal practice, we pay special attention to the Heart Sutra and the Bodhisattva Vows.

Banner: Lisa Bright leads a Dharma discussion at one of our weekly sittings. Photo by Chris Bright. 

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