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Photo: A patch of our meadow restoration site, in September 2015, at the Marie Butler Leven Preserve, in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Hello Friends and welcome to the Earth Sangha’s blog, Life in the Field. We launched the blog in October 2015.

Life in the Field speaks to the way of life embodied in our name. If you’re already a member or volunteer, you may know that Sangha is a Buddhist term meaning “community.” Usually it refers to the community of practitioners. But within the Earth Sangha, we use the term more broadly, to mean all of our members, all of the living things with whom we work, all of the natural and human communities in which we are involved. Life in the Field is intended to give voice to that involvement, from a variety of perspectives.

Eventually, you will find here posts on native and invasive plants, updates on our Tree Bank and DC-area projects, Lisa’s Zen talks, and other reflections on the nature of our work. Posts will be written by our regular staff — Chris, Lisa, Matt, and me.

Life in the Field will be a great way to get better acquainted with our work, and we hope that you’ll check back here regularly. I’ll try to remember to post notes on new entries on our Facebook page. And please get in touch with us, at, if you want to share any thoughts about what you’ve read!

This text © 2015 by the Earth Sangha. All rights reserved.


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Banner: Late October in a mixed stand of hickories, oaks, and American beech at Fountainhead Regional Park, on the northern shore of the Occoquan River, in Fairfax County, Virginia. Photo by Chris Bright. 

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